Ashley Drake

Software Engineer

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About Me

Methodical software engineer, with experience working remotely with realtime and batch analytics data.

I strive to build things that are reliable, simple, and easy to maintain, and relish all opportunties to jump headfirst into new projects, and learn new things.

I value...

  • Growth opportunties
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Remote work

Primary Skills/Tools

  • Spark
  • Storm
  • Kafka
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Swift
  • Scala
  • JavaScript
  • vim
  • git
  • AWS
  • Travis
  • Chef

Work Experience

Backend Software Engineer2017 - current

Python Swift JavaScript Redis Elasticsearch Spark Storm Kafka AWS is an analytics company, focused on measuring web attention. We measure over 65 billion (with a 'b') events each month. Our team is small, but scrappy. I enjoy working across all of our systems, finding ways to increase stability and reduce time to value for our team and customers.

  • Designed and implemented solutions for realtime scaling issues in several internal systems
  • Shipped new features for core products, and help prototype new products
  • Mentored other engineers/developers
  • Built tooling and internal library enhancements that support faster shipping, and more reliablility

Success Engineer2015 - 2017

Python JavaScript Django SQL AWS

Success Engineers bridge the gap between customers and code. Communication and debugging skills are useful to assist customers with their integrations with our product, as well as connecting the business and engineering teams within the company.

  • Prototyped internal customer usage data tools to predict and prevent churn; successfully advocated for usage data's place in our workflow
  • Managed technical aspects of customer relationships, including: data discrepancy analysis, custom integration support, answering technical questions in sales/customer calls, debugging
  • Built and scripted internal tools to streamline repetitive internal tasks and save time

Work Experience



Amanda Jones websiteSummer '15

Angular Facebook Graph API HTML/CSS Wordpress

Amanda Jones, a country singer, needed a basic website to get her started on her career. I used Facebook's API to give her an easy-to-manage Event list, and built a simple media player and Wordpress integration. (She has since signed with a label, and her online presence is now run through a music management company -- major congrats, Amanda!)

East Brookfield Church WebsiteWinter '15

HTML/CSS JavaScript Wordpress

The church needed a simple website for service times and directions. I focused on making the page load quickly (Vermont's cellular data coverage is not great) and a clean, simple design to focus on the content.

Open Source/Community Projects

Exercism: Maintainer, Contributor, and Mentor

Golang Python

Exercism, an open-sourced, community-driven learning platform, is a great place to learn a new coding language.

  • Help maintain Python track, primarily by assisting with migration to V3 of the Exercism product
  • Contribute to the CLI and creating new Python exercises
  • Mentor solutions (a brief 1:1 code review for each one) in Python and Go tracks

Logu: Batch Uploader for Graphite

Python Graphite Statsd

Logu is a tool that uploads historical log data with Graphite, which is more commonly used as a realtime system. Bulk uploads aren't directly supported in popular client libraries like statsd, so I wrote a tool to make that easier.