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Dec 2

Advent of Code: trying to solve all the puzzles this year, in multiple languages if I can. Unicorn Project: recently finished and working on a review (sequel to Phoenix Project) Bathrobe: my preschooler wants one, so I'm sewing one. Sabbatical: mostly enjoying time to bake, exercise, and relax. Half Marathon: I'm training for a half marathon in January, and have been reading a lot about heart rate training and altitude (I live at 6k+ ft above sea level). Read more...

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    Git Folder Structure and Naming Conventions

    Recently at work, I ran into one of those once-in-a-while git issues that generally end up being solved with creative Googling and git magic. This time, though, I wanted to understand a little more about how git works. The problem I was developing a new feature with a colleague, so we had two branches going that we were rebasing against each other as we went. feature-name/my-branch feature-name/his-branch At some point, we decided it was time to merge our branches into one consolidated effort. Read more...