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December 2, 2019

  • Advent of Code: trying to solve all the puzzles this year, in multiple languages if I can.
  • Unicorn Project: recently finished and working on a review (sequel to Phoenix Project)
  • Bathrobe: my preschooler wants one, so I'm sewing one.
  • Sabbatical: mostly enjoying time to bake, exercise, and relax.
  • Half Marathon: I'm training for a half marathon in January, and have been reading a lot about heart rate training and altitude (I live at 6k+ ft above sea level).

I would like to try Hadd's Method properly sometime — but it looks like it would take a LOT of commitment. Quick summary is that you work on “mastering” each heart rate/pace, and once your pace and heart rate stabilize relative to each other, you've conquered that level. I can see, for example, that my “easy” pace heart rate has stabilized quite a bit since I started training (160 bpm or less). I'm quite slow, so the main goal for me is to finish, but I would like to get faster.

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