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March 1, 2020

I've recently signed on to help out more with Exercism, by becoming a maintainer for the Python track. I'm still figuring out how to work on such a large project; this past weekend I managed to send an email & Github ping that should have gone to my subteam of 3-5 Python maintainers, to the whole (150 people) group of maintainers; I messed something up trying to rebase from master and it was gross. Oops!

What wasn't gross was the response; people were really cool about it, and the end result was I got to know a few other people in the community a bit better, and we even had a chat about inclusiveness and how to create welcoming online communities. Was a highlight of the month for me, even if I hope not to do it again!

I never finished AOC and I'm happy with that. I went on a trip and realized, “I don't NEED to take my laptop, so I won't.” Everyone survived and I still remembered how to code when I got back, so all is well. Sabbaticals are an amazing thing.

Ski season is back, my half marathon is over (I finished, nowhere close to a PR but I finished!), and I have begun going through Starting Strength for gym time. Still haven't finished that bathrobe, but it's getting close!

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